Code Violation

Single Family Home – Atlanta, GA – June 2017


All property owners and occupants within municipal boundaries are required to cut weeds and grass, remove garbage, and other unsightly and unsanitary articles and things from their property to eliminate conditions that may be harmful to the health of the community.

Our company abated the violation within two hours.  We mowed the lawn and manicured the hedges to heights that were in compliance with the city ordinances.


Single Family HUD Home – Atlanta, GA – June 2017


This vacant home needed a winterization solution to prepare for the impending cold freezing seasons. It is best to eliminate as much water in your pipes and plumbing system as possible to avoid damage from freezing temperatures.

Our team is aware that you cannot remove all of the water in your system.  To help make sure the water left in the system doesn’t cause damage, we poured antifreeze in the toilet tank and down the bathtub, shower and sink drains.

Securing a Commercial Building

Commercial Building – Atlanta, GA – August 2017


Abandonment of property is the most striking indication of neighborhood decline. Large-scale abandonment threatens the stability of neighborhoods and undermines the value of investments made by other property owners.

Our company first evaluated the scale of this project and crafted a plan of action.  Next, we determine the potential hazards to public safety.  During our preparation, we identified the material needed to secure this building. All materials and processes were thoughtfully approached to prevent unauthorized access and to reduce exposure to elements.

Securing a Swimming Pool

Single Family Home – Atlanta, GA – October 2017


The main purpose in securing your above ground swimming pool is for the safety of your family and neighbors.  This is especially important if you have small children in the neighborhood.

Our company was contracted to secure this pool from winter hazards and the liability of unauthorized use of the pool.  We boarded the pool by designing a box that matched the circumference of the pool.  Thereafter, we drained the pool and used wire mesh over the entire horizontal surface. We also inspected the pool filter, pool pump, gauges, fittings, and other items before storing for the winter.