Justin Menifee

Chief Executive Officer

Justin Menifee co-founded ERS in 2004 and has successfully managed our company as the sole Officer and Director.

Mr. Menifee is our Director of Field Operations and Strategy. He has over 12 years of experience in executing preservation services for local investors, Brokers/Realtors and nationally branded preservation companies.  Under his direction, our firm now manages over $150 million dollars in assets and operate as the prime vendor on multiple commercial projects.

Prior to ERS, Mr. Menifee worked in field management with AFR and Associates, as an asset manager responsible for managing single family and multi-family HUD properties throughout the State of Georgia.

Mr. Menifee is a seasoned industry veteran with a diverse background.  His experience and education has enabled him to provide leadership and direction in a number of key operational areas with both staff and clients.

Mr. Menifee earned a B.S. Degree from Morehouse College.

Shaunielle Anderson

REO Project Manager

Shaunielle Anderson is our REO Project Manager. She supervises all of the activities between our REO team and REO vendors.  Ms. Anderson also coordinates all of the primary services provided for our clients.

Ms. Anderson has over four years of experience in the property preservation industry.  She is poised to continue her successful trajectory in leadership management.  We are proud that Ms. Anderson has devoted herself to leadership development by training and motivating each staff member to achieve their maximum potential.

Ms. Anderson earned a B.S. Degree from Albany State University.

Eric Bryant

Co-founder & Quality Control Manager

Eric Bryant is our Quality Control Manager and Senior Associate.  He co-founded our company in 2004 and has over 13 years of experience in the Real Estate Industry.

Mr. Bryant provides property preservation consultation services that assisted ERS in the implementation and operation phase on multiple commercial and residential projects. We are excited that Mr. Bryant facilitated the management and maintenance of more than 10,000 default REO assets as an ERS team member.

Currently Mr. Bryant is responsible for the review and submission of client issued estimates, proposals, and the implementation of ERS quality control process.

Mr. Bryant earned a B.S. Degree from Morehouse College.