More About Us

Our History

Executive Realty Solutions Inc. (E.R.S.) is a minority owned Property Management & Preservation Company established in July 2004 by our founder Justin Menifee. At the time of E.R.S. Incs. inception, the company worked in conjunction with AFR & Associates (The Management Firm for Georgia’s HUD Foreclosures) from 2004-2006. During this period E.R.S maintained an inventory of over 1200 HUD foreclosure properties in the State of Georgia. Since 2006, E.R.S has sub-contracted to perform a wide variety of property preservation services. These include clean-outs, landscaping, and securing numerous construction tasks on residential and commercial properties owned and managed by some of the largest asset management firms in the industry, such as Safeguard Properties, Cyprexx Services, Field Asset Management, Wolverine Real-Estate, PEMCO. Over the past 5 years, E.R.S has increased its revenue and number of clients by 40 percent through providing superior workmanship and exceptional customer service.

Why Choose Us

  • Professional property preservation services
  • Premiere property management solutions
  • Over $100MM assets under management
  • Proven Customer Service Excellence


Property Preservation - 13 years
Asset Management - 11 years
Property Management - 11 years
Maintenance & Repairs -9 years